Joy Dol

Location : Joysagar, just 5 km away from the Sivasagar Town

Highlights : Giant temple built 300 years back dedicated to Lord Vishnu

The temple is popularly known as the Kesavanarayan or Joydol Temple (Lat. 26°58’ N Long. 94° 41' E). It was built during the reign of Ahom king Rudra Singha (AD 1696-14) and dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It stands on the eastern extremity of the northern bank of the Joysagar tank which was excavated in memory of his mother Joymati. The temple proper has an octagonal Garbhagriha or sanctum sanctorum adorned by a dome like structure and decorated with honey- comb designs and lotus medallions. The external walls of the main temple are also beautifully decorated with stone plaques richly carved with figures of various Brahmanical divinities including incarnation forms of Vishnu. On the western side a square mandapa is provided. It connected the main sanctum through an antarala or vestibule. A small brick structure adjacent to the main sanctum was meant for kitchen house or bhog-ghar. There are two small temples lying behind the main shrine and are known as Surya and Ganesha temple respectively.

Apart from these three gigantic temples, the campus also has one 'Shani' , Hindu God of Saturn , temple and 'Ram' ,One of the avatars of Lord Vishnu , temple built recently.

Joysagar Tank

Location : Adjacent to Joy Dol

Highlights : Largest of all the tanks built by Ahom Kings in Assam. It is considered as the largest men made pond in India. The water level of the tanks stays at 14 feet higher than ground level

The Tank Jayasagar was dug by Ahom king Rudrasingha (1696-1714) to commemorate his mother’s name Jaymati, wife of Gadapani later King Gadadharsingha (1681-1695). The place was chosen, where Siulikpha convicted Jayamati through his Chaodangs to extract information regarding her exiled husband Gadapani.